Nowadays, Fethiye Falcons announces with signing some players and aggresive projects. We want to talk this club about foundation and aims. Nathan Alexander and Brad Roby answered this questions. Nathan Alexander answers shortly. While Brad Roby choices expanded against this questions.

Ragbi Referansı: Can you tell us your founding story of this club?

Nathan Alexander: It was two friends boyhood dream to own our own Rugby League Club.

Brad Roby: I really missed rugby league, when I moved to Turkey. Not just playing the game, but the friendships and bonds that it creates. I reached out to the TRL quite a while a go to see if I could be involved with it here somehow. Ultimately the idea came about that we could create our own team in Fethiye. Due to COVID, and the start of my new life as a husband and father, the idea was put on the back burner for a while. Then I met Nathan and explained my goal and he had an identical vision and that’s where it really all started to come to fruition with his outstanding efforts and help.

RR: How do you find the rugby league potential in Fethiye?

N.A.: The Fethiye Falcons are doing very well in Fethiye.

B.R.: Rugby league is a simple game, and can be picked up really quickly. Especially when players have heart and are keen to improve themselves. We find that there are many young Turkish men in Fethiye who have these qualities. We have seen this in responses received to our advertisements. So the potential really finds us.

RR: Previously, you selected a player from Ghana, and then you included Turkish players in the team, mainly from Australia. These players have achieved success from certain places. What are your goals as a club?

N.A.: Our aim is to be the best club in Turkey and win Balkans Super League & TRL. Build a solid club for the future. Develop children and women.

B.R.: First we want to develop the game of rugby league in Fethiye and Turkey. We will do this by winning the TRL, and the Balkans league. Giving the game, and our club exposure. Ultimately we wish to make Fethiye the capital of Rugby League in Turkey. When people hear Fethiye, the first thing we want them to think of is Rugby League, and the Falcons.

RR: Previously, Aegean region established several rugby clubs such located in Izmir, Mugla and Kusadasi. Although, almost all clubs are dissolved except Izmir Zaferi after transport and financial problems. Have you developed a plan against these problems?

N.A.: We have no financial problems. Never will have. Our players are paid to play.

B.R.: Nathan works tirelessly to ensure that we can accommodate other teams and travel to our opponents clubs. He has my full confidence and support in his decision making and I already believe we are miles ahead of where we should be in that department. Especially with the generous donations that we are receiving on our crowdfunding page. The public are really behind us and I believe if we continue to push on the way we are, and host fundraising events, we won’t have a problem.

RR: So far at this club you have contracted a local transportation company as well as the O’Neills jersey brand. Will new sponsors arrive soon?

N.A.: I believe its inevitable that more sponsors from other countries and Turkey will approach us as we transform the game of rugby league.

B.R.: We are super happy with our current sponsors, but we encourage anyone who would like to partner up with the Falcons to get in touch and join our cause.

RR: Finally, what are you going to say?

N.A.: No further.

B.R.: Watch out for the Falcons.

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